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Running hostels, that is what I do in my free time, that is when I am not travelling, cooking or posting on the Pink Moustache blog. Right now you can find me in Bucharest, where I am managing a small backpackers’ place in the very heart of the old town. I’ll list below all the places I’ve been working for.

1. I first started volunteering in hostels in the winter of 2010, in Turkey, during my gap year. I spent around 2 months in a couple of places, first one was in Selcuk, next to Ephesus, and the second one, in Goreme, in Cappadocia.

2. After leaving Turkey, I moved straight to Spain and started working for Triana Backpackers, a wonderful 50 bed hostel in Seville. The hostel was situated in a traditional house, all covered in Andalusian tiles, with an inside patio; it’s probably the most beautiful place I’ve worked in so far. I spent my summer there and then returned to Bucharest in the fall in order to finish my studies.

133399_483931724798_402502_o3. Another year and a half passed and once my studies were finished, I decided I was missing the hostel life. But this time around I was looking for a serious job, I was ready to get serious and take on more responsibility. That’s how I ended up in Tallinn, Estonia, as the general manager of a chain of 4 hostels. I got there in February 2012.

At the beginning I had it pretty difficult, as I hadn’t been managing a group of people before. But stubborn as I am, I kept going, learned from mistakes, worked hard, and after putting in a year or so, I felt I was getting more control. At the beginning of 2013 a new challenge arose, as the owners of the chain decided to add one more hostel to the group, The Knight House. I had to take it on, opening up a new place was something exciting, so this became my project, in which I put my heart and soul.

The other hostels were Alur Hostel, Tallinn Backpackers, The Monk’s Bunk and Viru Backpackers.

21801_10151228159154799_1502533041_n 522180_10151236918524799_814787441_n 1391493_210431715803552_1365206164_n4. By the end of the summer of 2013, I had become overly tired and was ready to move on. Along with David, my dear boyfriend, we decided to move back to Bucharest for a while, in order for him to be able to pursue his teaching career and for me to spend some time around my family. So I asked around and got a managing/start up a business job for a brand new hostel that I had the pleasure to help open, the first backpackers’ place located in the very heart of Bucharest’s old town. The name of the place is Little Bucharest.

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