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Welcome to our travel blog, dear traveller!

We are David and Iulia, a British-Romanian couple travelling the world together since 2013. Our common journey started in Estonia, where we met up for the first time. Iulia was managing a group of hostels there, while David was gradually making his way towards Asia. Ever since we met each other, we’ve lived together in 3 countries and 2 continents; after spending about half a year in Estonia and about one year back in Romania, we finally moved to China where we are currently both teaching English and travelling whenever we get a chance.


Originally from Romania, after finishing my studies in a completely unrelated field, I felt the calling of the road and decided to work in tourism, which I figured would allow me to move around the world quite freely. I worked in hostels and hostel management for over 2 years, in Spain, Turkey, Estonia and Romania. I first moved away from home in 2010. David and I went back to Romania together and spent about a year there saving up and preparing ourselves for the big move to Asia. Both of us are travellers first and all other commitments come second to our dedication to seeing the world.


A child to travelling parents I was born in Tokyo where I lived for the first six years of my life.  Later, I moved to the United States where I studied until hitting the road permanently at 23.  Throughout my childhood my parents always took me to wonderful places across the planet.  Inspired in my youth I have dedicated my life to picking up seeing the best places this world has to offer.  In one major journey we plan to see all of those places.

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