Rapspirations – a daily source of travel inspiration

Rapspirations – a daily source of travel inspiration


After being on the road for a good month, exploring the amazing Yunnan province located in Southern China, hiking, wandering, photographing, tasting and enjoying, we are currently on a travel dry spell, being temporarily stuck in the city (and not any city, but the city of Wuhan, which is far from the best town to be stuck in). Working our way into saving up more for our super summer that’s about to come in a couple of months, which will take us to even further places, to North Korea and Mongolia, with more hikes on the horizon, we found a way to stay motivated and get travel inspiration, keeping us going until we are on the road again.

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Rapspiration: a travel inspiration campaign


Our new campaign, which we hope to inspire many more on their travels and give them travel inspiration is centred around a particular music genre which we enjoy listening to on our long weekend mornings, when all we dream about is being on the road: rap music. We find that there is much wisdom in rap songs, wisdom that can easily translate into travel inspiration. Check out this campaign on our Instagram or on our Facebook Page!

One Rapspiration a day keeps the spirits high and gives us the travel inspiration we need between trips!

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