Street Art Monday: Tallinn, Estonia

Street Art Monday: Tallinn, Estonia

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This pic was taken in Tallinn, Estonia. The art belongs to the Estonian artist going by the name of Okeiko, you can check out her Facebook page and see more of her work HERE. We were always happy to run into one of her cool and corky characters on our walks around town and her designs were part of our every day, being featured on all the “Like a Local” maps we were giving away to the tourists of the hostels we were running back there.

On a slightly unrelated note, we miss Estonia very much and Tallinn in particular, with its artistic feel, great architecture, stylish restaurants and wine bars, picturesque medieval winding streets and relaxed atmosphere. We want it all back and we will make it happen!

Street Art Monday

A piece by Okeiko on the streets of Tallinn, Estonia

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