China’s famous peak: Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

China’s famous peak: Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

The glorious and magnificent peak of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain lays to the north of the Yunnanese town of Lijiang.  Its peak is easy to discern from other caps in the area  as late in the year, the mountain retains its snow-capped glory.  Many Chinese are familiar with the view of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain seen from the Heilong Tan (Black Dragon Pools).  This view to the mountain creates one of the most famous and easily recognizable sights for the Chinese people as it was voted one of the top “Best Views in China” from around the entire country.

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

We took a little hike up a hill at Heilong Tan and this is the view we came accross


In recent years, the mountain has been tamed.  It is easily reachable from Lijiang as a day trip.  If you decide to pay the exorbitant price for visiting the mountain, don’t be disappointed when you discover the mountain lacks any nature trails.  the walk (unless you decide just to take the tram) up the mountain is a very nicely constructed catwalk.

I found the views from the hills north of Shuhe’s old town and the hill above Heilong Tan to be the most awe-inspiring lookouts to the mountain.



Heilong Tan view

To get to the viewpoint at Heilong Tan, first buy a ticket and enter the Black Dragon Pool Park.  This beautiful park has a large, unmissable hill to its east.  In the northeast corner of the park a free trail exists which takes you up a steep yet short walk to the top.  The top holds an old cemetery and taking the left trail at the top of the hill will bring you to a two tiered viewpoint which has a full, unhindered view of the splendour of the mountain and the surrounding countryside.  I enjoy this view the most as it best shows the unique shape of this mountain compared to the rest in the area.  It is almost like Jade Dragon Snow Mountain was sent here from a larger mountain range to lord over the area.  For JRR Tolkien’s The Hobbit fans, this mountain is a perfect true-life representative of Smaug’s Lonely Mountain.


Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

Shuhe view

To see it from Shuhe gets a more Tibetan aspect of the mountain.  Going to the northwest corner of Shuhe’s Old Town, lies a small trail which will take you to the top of a hill close by.  Again, this hill has an old cemetery at the top.  Going past the cemetery will take you to an area littered in Tibetan prayer flags fluttering in the wind.  For those venturing to the legendary Tibet via Lijiang, this makes for a first contact moment with the culture.

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Jade Dragon Snow Mountain


Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

A view from the Tiger Leaping Gorge

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

Tiger Leaping Gorge

For those who desire to go farther abroad and see a different side of the mountain, hiking the Tiger Leaping Gorge makes for a two day journey in the shadow of the mountain on the opposite face from Lijiang.  Here it rises precipitously high, turning what looked like a regal peak into a violent titan.

– David

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