Isle of Skye’s 3 Best Kept Secrets

Isle of Skye’s 3 Best Kept Secrets

Isle of Skye has some of the most dramatic landscape around.  It’s a hiker’s haven with plenty of craggy hills to roam around and crisp fresh air to breath.  The island remains largely uninhabited but the few who do live there live in beautiful whitewashed houses that dot the countryside.  Herds of sheep graze in stream-laden valleys whilst guarded carefully by sheepdogs.  In short, it is a picturesque island.


There are many things to see on the island that are scarcely or not mentioned at all in most guidebooks.  These places are my favourite to visit as you get to experience them usually on your own, making it all the more feeling of adventure.

The Isle of Skye’s Fairy Glen

Isle of Skye

Isle of Skye – Castle Ewen

Just east of Uig is a small but irregular landscape formation known as the Fairy Glen.  It is called the Fairy Glen because it miniaturizes many typical Scottish highland landscape formations like Lochs and mountains.  There’s also a miniature ‘Castle Ewen’ you can climb to the top of for an amazing view of the surrounding glen.  Feel free to roam around inbetween the mini hills.  There are many surprises to find hidden away such as Druidic symbols of worship.  To get there take the road behind the Uig Hotel and follow it until you see Castle Ewen straight ahead.

A B-17 Plane Crash on the Isle of Skye

Isle of Skye

Isle of Skye – B17 plane crash site

There is an old WW2 bomber which crashed into a mountain side after returning home from its mission.  It’s very remote so nobody goes there but I believe it makes for the greatest hiking adventure to partake on the Island.  There’s not much left intact of the plane but there’s plenty of wreckage scattered about.  Last thing I heard about the plane is that the Highland Council planned to take the wreckage down off the mountain and put it in a museum.  I doubt this will happen for a while.  The wreck is located on the east side of Beinn Edra at the bottom of the promontory (you cannot see it from the top of the mountain).  To get there first hike to Beinn Edra then just north of the peak find a smooth slope down and shimmy to the bottom then head south again back to Beinn Edra but staying at the bottom of the mountain.  You will run across the wreckage strewn everywhere once you are just east of the peak.

Duntulum Castle

Isle of Skye

Isle of Skye – Dontulum Castle

Shrouded in myth this real castle makes for a good ghost story.  A man who plotted to kill the king of this castle was imprisoned in its dungeon (still there to visit) and fed only salted pork and salt water.  He slowly died by dehydration and it is said his screams can still be heard at night.  The castle is located at the north end of the Trotternish perched precariously along a cliff side making it look all the more romantic of a place.  To get there just follow the loop road from Portree to the top of the Peninsula.  You’ll see it by the side of the road.  Park your car and follow the trail to the haunted castle.


Did I miss any of your favourite places on the Isle of Skye?  Please feel free to comment on anywhere you think on the island is overlooked by tourists.

– David

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