Guest Post: Interesting towns in Turkey

Guest Post: Interesting towns in Turkey

When selecting a destination for a vacation it is imperative to choose a place with unending fun, spectacular sites and exhilarating activities. Turkey, is one such destination with bustling towns where one is bound to have unforgettable experiences. These cities are the perfect embodiment of fun, excitement and education. Found in two continents, Asia and Europe, the country is rich in history. The towns are filled with ancient battlegrounds, castles, lively markets and picturesque scenery. The churches and mosques here with awe-inspiring designs also exist harmoniously. While visiting these towns you also gets the chance to taste the delectable Turkish culinary. The following are some of the towns to visit in Turkey for that memorable experience.


Istanbul – Turkey’s main attraction

• One of the best destination in the world which once served as the Ottoman’s empire capital city.

• It is the only city located in two continents hence its rich history.

• Visit historic sites that delve into the rich history of Turkey and fortification of ancient forts like the Hagia Sophia.

• Several museums are also are also found here.

• The mosques with spectacular designs are just as fascinating.

• The evening ambience is relaxing and bustling night life in places like Beyoglu and Galata is utterly entertaining.

• The luxury hotels here are also strategically placed a stone throw away from the markets, and museums and exciting places like Bosphorus.

Ephesus – the city of Roman ruins

• It was once among the largest cities in the ancient Roman Empire around 1 BC.

• The Temple of Artemis, also placed among the Seven Wonders of the World, is found is located here.

• Also has archaeological sites like the renowned site housing the ruins of Ephesus.

• Other sites found in Ephesus include the spectacular Celsus Library, the colossal Theatre and the Temple of Hadrian.

Cappadocia – city of caves

• The picturesque scenery of Cappadocia makes it stand out as a destination for an exciting hiking or driving experience.

• The backdrop is beautified by formations out of this world shaped like mushrooms, cones and chimneys.

• Complimenting this scenery are houses, churches and breathtaking cities carved out of the soft rocks.

• Underground tunnels are also all over the places as they were used as hideouts by ancient inhabitants from Persians, Greek invaders or Christian persecutors.

• Presently, some of these caves and tunnels serve as hotels.

• Explorations around this amazing town can be done by hot air balloons, rental cars, bikes or scooters.


• A trip to Turkey is incomplete without visiting Bodrum found in the Turkish Aegean region.

• The Mausoleum was once located in the town with captivating ruins.

• The Bodrum Castle also called the Castle of St. Peter was constructed and repaired using the rubble from the Mausoleum and currently serves as a museum.

• The white sandy beaches and the luxurious resorts also attract visitors.

Antalya – the jewel by the sea

• Located on the Mediterranean coastline along the scenic Turkish Riviera.

• Its lush greenery, the spectacular scenery and its stunning beaches are some of the attractions in this city.

• The accommodation is top notch with amazing resorts, clubs, bars and restaurants.

• For thrilling family activities like swimming, hiking, sightseeing, rock climbing or sailing this is the places to visit. The aforementioned are some of the best towns in Turkey among others like Konya, Marmaris and Ankara. Furthermore, the villagers in these towns are friendly adding to the experience.

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