Istanbul cats – a photo essay

Istanbul cats – a photo essay


One of my favorite things about visiting Istanbul this past November was definitely the multitude of cats that could be spotted all over the Turkish capital’s streets. Especially in the neighbourhood of Sultanahmet, but in other areas as well, you can see them everywhere, sometimes alone, and many times in big groups, the cats would hang out all over Istanbul, like they owned the place.


ISTANBUL CAT ISTANBUL CATISTANBUL CATThe peeping cats and the resting cats

They are very well taken care of by the humans of Istanbul, with whom they seem to be sharing a very deep affectionate relationship. This must be the reason why they developed a lot more trust towards us, the taller, two-legged creatures, sharing their streets and their city. They let themselves be petted most of the times and reward you with meows and approving tails shaking.

ISTANBUL CATISTANBUL CATScardy cat (top photo) and the star cat of Hagia Sofia (bottom photo)

With the many businesses in town, most of them revolving around the food industry, cats are treated to many delicacies, but never become over spoiled and take their duties of keeping the streets clean of rats and other rodents seriously. Most shops and restaurants in the old town of Istanbul have adopted at least one cat to keep around, sometimes even a little family of small felines.

ISTANBUL CATMy favorite “master of the land” cat

Next time you’re in Istanbul don’t ignore the many cats you’ll see around, take a couple of minutes just to pet these wonderful loveable creatures and you won’t be disapointed, they’ll give you twice the love you give them in return.

moustache pinkAll the photos in this post were taken by our friend, Vlad Bondarenko, whom I thank again for sharing them with us!IMG_7324

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