The 27 year old girl and the 25 year old boy

The 27 year old girl and the 25 year old boy


My boyfriend and I, we have our birthdays 2 days apart from each other. He’s just turned 25 and I, 27. We were living in Estonia for a while, before deciding to move to Bucharest, my hometown, in order for him to pursue his teaching career and for me to spend some time around my family, whom I hadn’t seen in one and a half years.

We got here about 2 months ago, both of us had already found jobs in the city before arriving and my mom was happy to have us stay at her place. At first we figured this living situation would be a temporary solution, just until we’re able to find a place to rent, convenient for the both of us. But just as we arrived, we started working pretty much straight away, both having very demanding and time consuming jobs. Time and energy left for making another move – zero.

So here we are, the irresponsibles, two kids pretending to be adults, we barely have any living expenses or cares in the world. We spend our free time daydreaming about far away and mysterious places and planing our trips around the world. By this time next year we hope to be deep into Asia.

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